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Optihose del Perú S.A. (OPESA), is a Peruvian company, created in order to assist the market of industrial hoses for all use.

Since its foundation, on July 1th 1994 we have looked for, to satisfy the market with the highest quality, the best prices and an excellent service of costumer attention. Thanks to continuous research we have increased our production capacity and appropriated the quality of our products in a competitive level in the market.

Our goal is to be leaders in the development and factory of industrial hoses, is important for us, to offer technical attendance to our clients, in order to diminish its costs, since a good product is reflected in a longer useful life.

The technology used in the diverse processes where the rubber is used, is always of advanced. We recognize that only the companies that improve constantly will be able to produce a good article. For this reason Optihose del Perú S.A. (OPESA), is always attended by technical personnel and constantly qualified professional. Using new ingredients (rubbers, preservatives and other inputs) that the companies supplying leaders, are constantly developing, we guarantee the quality of our products.

At the moment, we are in capacity to cover the necessities of the national and international market, guaranteeing all our costumers the security of their investment.


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“Calidad, Responsabilidad y Servicio, a través de un sentido innovador basado en el respeto y la ética”